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systrace and file globbing

I want to write a systrace policy for opera and have a light
comprehension problem.

opera wants to linux-fsread on /home/username

So I could easily say:

  linux-fsread: filename eq "/home/username" then permit

But I want the policy to apply to all users, so I try:

  linux-fsread: filename match "/home/*" then permit

systrace(1) calls fnmatch(3) with flags FNM_PATHNAME | FNM_LEADING_DIR.

FNM_PATHNAME says that / must be explicitely matched. Does this mean
that "/home/*" matches e.g. /home/seb but NOT /home/seb/something ?

Another problem I have is understanding the following sentence in

                        Ignore /* rest after successful pattern

What is the impact of this wrt to systrace(1)? Maybe it's just me not
understanding enough English. Anyway, could someone explain, please?

Thanks in advance,

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