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Re: dev for terminal

* Jolan Luff [2002-10-18 02:06]:
> > moved it over to 3.2-snapshot machine). I put vi into the chroot area,
> > but every time I try editing a file it sais "not a termnial" (I enter
> > the chrooted area with ssh). Do I need a special device in /dev
> > (chrooted)? I ran /dev/MAKEDEV pty.
> look at /etc/fstab.  /var probably has nodev.

Thank you for a swiftly reply.

My chrooted area is not under /var, but under /local/chroot. The install
script put /local nodev first, but I removed nodev when I started
creating devices in /local/chroot/dev. /dev/console and /dev/ptys work
as expected.


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