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Re: only ssh access - new kernel

I've done this several times how as new patches are released and before 
building anything else I follow the FAQ and compile, install, and 
reboot the system so it is running a new kernel with all of the 
currently available patches. 

I only use the GENERIC kernel and have never had a problem with a system 
not booting up as long as the kernel was compiled and installed 
properly. Your existing programs will run with the new kernel and it's 
recommended that you always build a new kernel first before compiling 
before proceeding to compile the parts of OpenBSD.

An excellent man page that I was referred to by others that was very 
helpful was "release(8)" - "man release". It has instructions for 
compiling a new kernel, system, and even making your own release 
tarballs. I've copied the listed commands from the "release" man pages 
to shell scripts so I can run each step from a different shell script.

I was a little nervous doing my first kernel compile but I just followed 
the steps in the documentation to build a GENERIC kernel and everything 
worked without any surprises for me.

Good Luck,


On Thursday 17 October 2002 11:35 am, daniel paranhos zitterbart wrote:
> hi folks
> I'm maintaining a little server, running openbsd 3.1.
> now i wanna do some security fixes, with the patch branch.
> i just got the wohl src. and just could start.
> but the problem is, i've got only ssh access. actually the server is
> in germany and im abroad.
> now some questions.
> 1. how big is the chance that a new kernel, won't work? (i never did
> a new bsd kernel befor and i'm with the generic one)
> 2. after the first reboot, would programs like ssh work, or should i
> have to recompile them first??
> tia
> Daniel

Anthony Schlemmer

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