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Re: 3.2 poster...

On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 11:52:26AM -0600, Theo de Raadt wrote:
> > > Once again, if we end up doing too many items that noone buys, I don't
> > > see how this would help fund the project.
> > Agreed. But that doesn't mean to "freeze" the goodies tree. Maybe some
> > products should be discontinued and replaced by others, more trendy stuff.
> Maybe you don't know anything about business.
maybe you didn't see the fenzy for certain kind of items during some European

> You do things in large volumes.  Like 500 at a time or more.
> Understand?

> So when we lose, we lose BIG.
now how about reading what I wrote :
Wim has already some ideas about the mugs. We have discussed different
scenarii/make/models etc during FOSDEM and LSM this year. Now I'm not really
sure that only 5 or 10 people will buy mugs. How about asking the people ? like
for example putting a poll in OJ, asking friends (what I did), asking during
expos & such etc.

so to avoid losing BIG, maybe we can reduce the risk by polling/asking/etc. how,
for example, would one know -in advance- that one of the shirts will not be a flop ?
there are still new designs coming and produced en masse. Maybe because with
shirts we are controlling the risk. But that doesn't me IMHO that we shouldn't
seek new ways to help the project funding. Of course, if the project is making
enough money from the goodies we already have, then forget what I am saying.
Otherwise, it might be interesting -for example- to put up a coffee mug logo (or
any other item that appears on top of ppl's wishlist) and upload it on cafepress
and see how many are sold. No need to produce in large volumes at first. And
setting up a store in cafepress seems to be easy. Now this is only one idea out
of a million that we might explore to renew/add to the "catalogue" w/o mass
producing items. 

products should be discontinued and replaced by others, more trendy stuff. For
example, while there is no pink/green wireframe girly shirts on the website, we
have sold a *lot* of them during FOSDEM 2002 and LSM 2002.

Other examples of big-time sellers in France/Belgium were :
- hooded sweaters (openssh)
- openssh woman cut
- blue (not white) baby-t woman cut

And now that you told ppl that you are giving out posters at conferences, we
will be having a hard time selling them here in Europe. Because we did sell them
at FOSDEM/LSM/Linux Expo Paris. And we only gave some of them at the end of
conference (usually when ppl also take a CD or a Tshirt, very rarely when they
buy nothing). I fear that ppl will print your message and come with it asking
for free posters :p.

Just the 0.02 euros of a booth slave (for what they worth).

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