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pppd CHAP debug

I am having a major brainfart.

I remember the last time I futzed with pptp/pppd
(http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=openbsd-misc&m=102832855422846&w=2 ..
on that topic, anyone have any suggestions about this? I submitted it as
a bug but never heard anything back or saw anything new checked into the
source) .. I had to do something to get pppd to log MSCHAP
authentication debug info to /var/log/daemon

I have set "debug" in /etc/ppp/options as well as various combinations
of "kdebug 1", "kdebug 2", "kdebug 4" etc, with no luck. I get pppd
debug info, but no CHAP info

syslog.conf originally had daemon.debug,daemon.info going to
/var/log/daemon and I tried daemon.* as well as
*.*                     /var/log/daemon
and saw no difference

What am I missing? anyone?


Chris Wage

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