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Re: wicontrol question

Bo Byrd [mailto:bo_(_at_)_bbyrd_(_dot_)_net] writes:
> My point is that its way easier to do WEP than IPSec, since 
> the guy was saying something to the effect of "I haven't got 
> IPSec working yet so I'm not even going to bother with WEP right
> now."  Maybe I misunderstood what he was saying.  

My take on it was that he couldn't get wireless to work at all, so I asked
if he had tried it without WEP. As an aside, I mentioned IPsec as a
replacement for WEP, but he had already gone down that path and failed.
Maybe I misunderstood, and it was WEP, not just wireless, he was trying to
get to work.

> Regardless, 
> you still should have SOME sort of layer2 protection, otherwise
> anyone could very easily DOS your WLAN by poison ARPing all your
> machines.

Point taken. I have now augmented IPsec with 128 bit WEP on my MA401s with
no noticeable performance hit.


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