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Re: Finding some UPS which works with OpenBSD

On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 11:58:32AM +0200, Arne P. Boettger wrote:
> Hi!
> In lists.openbsd-misc, you wrote:
> > I want to buy a UPS system to protect my server machines against power
> > faults. My servers run openbsd so I would like to find some UPS system
> > which work with openbsd. Looking the mailling list archives I have found
> > some info about this topic but no one point me to some good UPS system. My
> > question is: is there anyone who is using some UPS system with his openbsd
> > machine? I know that exist some package (basically nut) which was created
> > to do this kind of things but I would like to know your experiences with
> > this topic.
> I can definitely recommend NUT, it offers all you would expect for
> managing a UPS and more... Although I've not yet attached a UPS
> directly to an OpenBSD box, it is linked with a Linux box and
> is/was monitored from Solaris, Linux, OpenBSD and MS Windows. 

I have a few APC and online-ups.com UPSses attached to an OpenBSD system
directly using NUT, works fine. for the latter UPSses NUT has no support, I
had to code that myself - they gave me docs, but I had to promise to keep
that secret and may not publish that (how stupid).

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