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Re: rfc1918 addresses routing problem

> I want to route between my public class B network
> and a new rfc1918 network 192.168.2.x that I've created
> to test a Windows2k setup.
> (Public ClassB network)<-->(router)<-->(192.168.2.x)
> However, I can't ping it from the class B public network.
> It looks like OpenBSD is refusing to route these packets
> because they are to rfc1918.
> How do I change this?

how is your public network set up? I suggest, your hosts 
in the class B network have a default gateway that is not
the box we are talking about here. 

If this is the case, packets to your rfc1918 net will be
sent to the default gw and it wont know where to route.
So you have to set a static route for your
private network to be routed to your OpenBSD Box
route add -net <public ip of OBSD Box>

If not, ignore my 0,02 EUR

CU, Boris