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Re: Sun's Elliptic Curve Technology Contribution to the OpenSSL Project

Jan Wildeboer wrote:
Oliver Bode wrote:

You really
should have listened to your mommy when she told you nothing is "free".

She didn't :-)

No it doesn't - it attempts to answer questions that were raised on this

It doesn't answer questions. It only shows that Theo was right - these sources are not under a free license the way OpenBSD defines free.


  We want to make available source code that
  anyone can use for ANY PURPOSE, with no

then is openbsd really being true to it's goals 100%?

has there been an audit of source vs goals?
if one was true to the goals 100%, then no excuse would
be a valid one for not being there 100%...

and keeping openssl would break these goals? and the
reason for still using it? that there is nothing else
to use?

but then again, they are goals. they are supposed to be
something you aspire to obtain. i do commend openbsd on
standing up for it's beliefs, that is commendable.

but is that the heart of the discussion, or openssl?

just wondering what the scope of the thread is, though
free thinking and talking about the issues relating to
sun and openssl or even elliptic curve crypto theory
is interesting.

this is an interesting thread never-the-less.

yahoo! to free speech and free thinking :))