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Re: Packages CDROM

On Tue, Oct 08, 2002 at 11:21:32AM -0600, Peter Valchev wrote:
> > I have, in the past, created full packages CDs for i386.  
> > In order to do it all on one CD, I had to remove a bunch of things
> > that I would never install (CKJ stuff, emacs, kde, gnome, etc).
> > I have built all of them on two CDs, but it seems to me that it
> > was a tight fit.  I'm expecting that if the growth of the ports
> > and packages meets past records, that two CDs won't be enough
> > any more.  I can fully appreciate it if the development team
> > doesn't want to supply these, since they were kind of annoying
> > to build.  I suppose I could build them for you and ship them
> > to you for a nominal charge, but you'd have to trust me an
> > awful lot to do that for you.
> Dude, we build them every release.  They are on the FTP servers.  We
> can't fit them all on the CDs.
> You can just download them all from your FTP mirror and burn them
> yourself.  You don't have to build them yourself, in any case.

That's what I did.  I donloaded the packages from the ftp servers
and then spent the time to decide what goes where and all that jazz.  
I didn't mean to imply that I had actually built them all from ports.  
That would be insane to duplicate all of that work.  It's still a
pain to create the .iso images, but I might have a low pain threshhold.

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