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Trying to connect first printer (non-expert)

Hello list,

I have an old pentium with USB and with openbsd 3.1 freshly installed.
No custom modifications. No other OS.
Trying to use a Canon S520 inkjet, my first attempt at a printer.
Below is my unsuccessful attempt.
Would someone please point me in the right direction.

dmesg says Canon S520 on ulpt0
added to    /etc/printcap

root# cd /var/spool/output/lpd
root# mkdir S520
root# chown bin S520
root# chgrp daemon S520
root# chmod 755 S520

I also tried
root# chown daemon S520
root# chgrp daemon S520
root# chmod 775 S520

in /etc/rc.conf
changed   lpd_flags=NO to lpd_flags=""

after getting "/dev/lp: No such file or directory" when invoking lpr, I did
root# ln -s /dev/ulpt0 /dev/lp

I still get

root# lpr testprint
root# lpq
no entries
root# lpc status S520
	queuing is enabled
	printing is enabled
	no entries
	printer idle

and    /var/spool/output/lpd/S520 is empty.
and    there is nothing else in lpd-errs.


Terry Eather
Coffs Harbour