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Re: Mounting /var nosuid breaks qmail standard installation

Magnus Bodin (magnus_(_at_)_bodin_(_dot_)_org) wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 07, 2002 at 01:09:45PM -0600, Jeff Ross wrote:
> > This is a heads up for those of you planning on an  upgrade  to  3.2
> > and who run qmail.
> >
> > If your queue is under /var/qmail, (which it will be if  you  follow
> > the Life With Qmail instructions) and your /etc/fstab mounts /var as
> > nosuid (the default under 3.2), mail delivery will be deferred  with
> > the following error:
> Tip: If you want to run qmail safely; split /var  in  at  least  three
> partitions:
> /var /var/qmail /var/qmail/queue
> possible also
> /var/log
> If you do this, things will be much easier with  the  nosuid-mounting.
> Also note that /var/qmail/queue is not  supposed  to  be  on  a  soft-
> updates fs, and you maybe  want  to  have  some  or  all  other  /var-
> partitions doing soft-updates.

Not that you can't undo the default setup of /etc/fstab nor the  default
instalation in /var/qmail but this is a very  ellegant  way  of  dealing
with the brilliant ideas of both grumpy gentlemen :)

Cya, Han.