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RTM_LOSING: Kernel Suspects Partitioning

I am wrestling with some routing table or pf issues on a misbehaving box.
I though I should make sure I have the latest pf checkins and...
In the middle of doing a "cvs up -PAd", route -v monitor tells me:

got mssage of size 108 on <date>
RTM_LOSING: Kernel Suspects Partitioning: len 108, pid: 0, seq 0, errno 0, 
locks: inits:
 <cvs IP> <my gateway IP>

I am looking at the source trying to understand, but I wonder if anyone
can shed some light on what causes this message (I'm wondering if it
has something to do with my unworking pf rules issue).

Also while I am being daft in public... is there any nice way of dumping
the PF_ROUTE sysctl raw data mentioned in the sysctl(3) man or do I 
have to code up some kind of dumper?


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