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Hi Alex,
moal wrote,

> Dear OpenBSD!
> Excuse me , please, for distrurbing!
> Since some weeks I'm trying to build a small VPN with x509 Certificates. I
> have Problems with
> ISAKMPD Protocol. I tryed also to implement the whole strory without X509,
> just with "pre-shared". Starting isakmpd -d -DA=99 I got the same
> error(see Attachments). So, I get slowly a feeling that I'm running in
> circles...
> I'll be very thankful, if somebody could give me a small advice, what the
> problem could be!
> What does this message means: "udp_create: must exist as a
> listener too" ?

> 153331.281075 Default udp_create: must exist as a listener
> too
> 153331.281134 Default exchange_establish: transport "udp" for peer "moo"
> could not be created

Show us your isakmpd.conf. 
What is the value of Listen-on?
Do you block UDP port 500 with pf?


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