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Resolved: Stray interrupt 15 causing system lockups

I swapped out the SMC Etherpower II NIC and replaced it with a Netgear 
FA311 card. With a different NIC I was successfully able to copy my 
entire 3.1-stable release using "Scp" to my FTP server without any 

I'm a bit disappointed that the SMC NICs and/or driver seems to be a bit 
flaky under OBSD. These NICS aren't all that cheap cards or at least 
they wern't when I first got a batch of them 4 years ago. :(


On Thursday 03 October 2002 12:27 pm, Anthony Schlemmer wrote:
> I've been attempting to setup a OpenBSD 3.1 system on a PentiumPro
> 200 Dell Demension XPSPro200n system. The system ran for more than 24
> hours and I managed to updated the source to 3.1-stable, compile a
> new kernel, system, and build  release.
> The system locked up when I attempted to "scp" my release over to my
> FTP server, Things were going along find until "scp" got to the large
> "base31.tgz file. The transfer got to about 5% and then reported that
> the transfer had "stalled". I went to another window where I had a
> shell into the system and it was locked up tight. I went to the
> system and checked the console and it had the following message on
> it.
> Oct  3 11:25:19 shamu /bsd: stray interrupt 15
> To work around the problem I ftp'ed from my OpenBSD system to my FTP
> server and uploaded the files that way. That worked fine and the
> system didn't crash even when uploading the large base31.tgz file.


Anthony Schlemmer

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