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Re: How long will older (90's) hardware keep working ?

> The other downside to older systems is that th BIOS may not handle the 
> large hard drives. I know I went though this when I replaced old 2.1GB 
> drive with a cheap 40GB drive. I've been told there are are add-in 
> cards that put into these systems so they can handle the larger drives. 
> I just set the jumper on the drive to make it look like a 32GB and my 
> system recognized it. 

On one server (running linux - don't know if this would work on OBSD), I
have a 100 MB HD holding only the boot & kernel.  Once the kernel boots,
it recognizes the full 20GB of the other hard disk & no problems.

Douglas G. Phillips
ITS/User Services
Eastern Illinois University