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Re: Spontaneous Reboots

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 02:45:20PM +0500, Anton V. Petrov wrote:
> I had such problem on P-75 with 3.0 as gateway and firewall. 
> I had reboots approx. 1 per month.
> I also was unable just to re-compile kernel - it was rebooting on "make
> depend" so I was doing it on another machine.
> The box is not powerful enough I guess.

Nonsense. I use a 486 with 66MHz as my gateway, and it compiles
the kernel and userland just fine, although slow - this is not a 
matter of CPU power.
My machine is rock solid, no problems at all.

I guess your hardware is broken if you get spontaneous 
regular reboots.