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Re: How long will older (90's) hardware keep working ?


My main concern would be old HDDs they will be the first to go...and at
times you will have NO warning....you'll reboot the machine and the
drive will refuse to spin up (heart attack while sleeping)the 75-200
series of the P5 era are rock solid. I run a few 133's and some P Pro

Other things are the obvious, like cooling for the cpu's etc...dust can
be a real problem in overheating.

Computers are kind of like cars, if you don't beat on them they will
last forever. ;)

Hope this helps,


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Hello misc,

I've been busy installing some NAT boxes at several places, usually
recycling some old pentiums (75 to 150 Mhz) and I was wondering how long
these thing are going to keep working ? Is the hardware gonna get fried
one day or another ? If so, what will most likely be the virst victim?
They get long uptimes so far and loads are usually around 0.10 for the
slower ones.