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Re: OpenBSD 3.1 crash


* With and without scrub (does not matter).
* No bridge (routing only).

The the lan behind the BSD Box is nated by pf (with state). Some simple rules to allow access to outside 
and ssh in.  Not much more.


> Is there a known issue in 3.1 i386 (Networking code, pf) or have i
> simply overlooked some tuning parameters
> like buffer sizes  etc. ? The scan host is a 'fast' (CPU) machine that
> might overun the BSD Box in some way ..

>>you haven't really mentioned much about your setup, but if you're using
>>bridge and scrub-
>>there were some erratic problems with bridges and scrubs in 3.1


>>some people had their machine hang w/o going to ddb.


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