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Re: This list..

A simple "yes" or "no" would have been adequate.

Thanks for prematurely assuming I was going to try to convince
everyone that it should be moderated.

Anyone with half a brain can see immediately upon subscribing to this
list that one should never argue anything about how things on OpenBSD
or anything relating to it are done.

I'm sorry I asked.

At 02:40 PM 10/1/2002, you wrote:
In message <5_(_dot_)_1_(_dot_)_0_(_dot_)_14_(_dot_)_2_(_dot_)_20021001142415_(_dot_)_02f7d0e0_(_at_)_mail_(_dot_)_sportsmail_(_dot_)_ac>
        so spake Mark Hoff (fulldisclosure):

> I noticed the list will distribute messages form non-subscribed addresses..
> is this normal?

Yes, and it is not going to change.  Furthermore, there is no need
to rehash the discussion about open vs closed lists.  See the list
archives if you care.

- todd