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Re: BiNat and ftp-proxy for webhosting on OBSD 3.1 -release


(replying to my own post.)

In further testing it seems to be a problem, not with pf and binat but, with
running an ftp server on a non standard port.

It seems to work fine for a ftp server running on the default port 21 with
the client in active mode. Passive mode will not work nor will any mode that
encrypts the command channel.

Problem solved, mostly, by moving ftp to port 21.


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Subject: BiNat and ftp-proxy for webhosting on OBSD 3.1 -release

Hello all,

Here is an interesting challenge to chew on.
Due to the ISP we use for web hosting declaring bankruptcy we had to move
multiple servers last weekend to a new ISP.
Q1. Does any one have experience with this scenario that they would like to
Multiple ftp servers behind a BINAT firewall.

I know 3.2 is about to be released and it has a lot of enhancements to pf

Q2. Does this scenario work better in OBSD 3.2?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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