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"Root Device : " prompt on Sparc64


I recently installed OpenBSD 3.1 on a Sparc64.  The install went smooth,
and everything runs fine.  The only problem I've come across is when
it's booting, I get a prompt asking me for the root and swap devices. 
Of course, putting that information in makes it work, but I need to be
able to reboot the machine remotely.

I looked around Google and the archives and found a couple of other
people with the same kind of problem.  The solution that they suggested
was to build a custom kernel with one change in the configuration file:

config          bsd     swap generic => config          bsd     root on
wd0a swap on wd0b

I changed this, but got the following error:

bash# config NEW
NEW:19: bsd: can't make root device from `wd0a'
NEW:19: bsd: can't make swap device from `wd0b'
NEW has no configurations!
*** Stop.

I was wondering if anyone could show me what I was doing wrong, or give
me some other things that might need checking.  Your help is greatly
appreciated.  Thanks!