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Re: Backup

On 2002-09-26 09:05:46 -0700, Ben Goren wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 25, 2002 at 07:53:18PM +0200, Martin Schröder wrote:
> > On 2002-09-25 07:30:46 -0700, Ben Goren wrote:
> > >     o  The   media  must  be  separate   from  the  read/write
> > >     mechanism.
> >
> > Huh? I  can  switch the  hd  off. I  can't remove  the  platters
> > though.  Is that a problem?
> You  have two  significant  points of  failure  with most  storage
> methods: the media and the mechanism. With a hard drive, if either
> one  goes,  the whole  thing  goes  (unless  you're handy  with  a
> scanning  tunneling  microscope). With  tapes, if  your  mechanism
> goes, you've still got your data.

In both cases I need a data recovery service. I don't know: Are
their prices/GB very different for tapes and hds?


> A quick check of Pricewatch shows that DLT IV tapes are around $50
> each.  40  Gbyte Firewire  drives start at  $100 and  average half
> again  as much. I'm  sorry,  but  I just  lost  you  on the  price
> argument, too.

You forgot the tape drive. 
I only have prices in Euro for 80GB DLTs: drive is 1300, tapes are 80.
80GB Firewire hds cost around 200 (just the hd and the case,
assembly required).


> So, we have: 12 +  (4 + 6) * 2 = 32 tapes  per year.  That's $1600
> for DLT,  and $3200  for Firewire hard  drives in  their place. We
> haven't even touched on duplicates for offsite....

O.k. -- that's a real backup strategy. 


> Me? At home? Again, I can't afford tapes, but I can afford to make
> regular copies  on CD-R of  important things. But I  don't pretend
> that I'm actually doing backups.


I was talking about backups for soho, while you are talking
about backups for companies. If your data is really valuable, you
need tapes. But for Joe Average who has an 80GB++ drive and wants
to do some kind of backup, tapes are simply to expensive -- he
won't invest 1300 up front and then 2560 each year. For him CD-R
or DVD+/-R (and FW hds) will be enough.

Best regards