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Re: openssl

* Peter N. M. Hansteen [2002-09-26 10:50]:
> >Same here. I don't think the agree-not-to-sue clause is valid in Norway.
> >I will investigate.
> 'not valid in Norway' doesn't always seem to bother some parts of law
> enforcement here, though - ref the Jon Johansen [DeCSS] case where Økokrim
> were all too happy to detain and search based on vague accusations from
> a US organization. Nevermind that the activity in question (reverse
> engineering) is perfectly legal here, so now they're trying to charge
> him with breaking into his own computer. I kid you not.

We're getting too country specific here. Let's avoid that. But to answer
the question you stated, let me pint out that we have to do with a
contract here. There are rather clear rules in the contract area.  Some
clauses can be ignored, see avtaleloven §36 which would probably be used
if the can't-sue-each-other problem was brought to court.