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Re: openssl

On Thu, Sep 26, 2002 at 11:45:00AM +0200, Kirill Miazine wrote:
> * Henning Brauer [2002-09-26 11:34]:
> > > Same here. I don't think the agree-not-to-sue clause is valid in Norway.
> > > I will investigate.
> > you just stated a major problem.
> I did? Sorry.

huh? no, why? it's important to know the problems...

> Didn't mean to. Actually it was *you* who started a "major
> problem". You said you could sue the german dept of Sun. I just said
> that the same situation is most likely the same in the country where I
> happen to live now.

yes, and the problematic part you stated or (knowingly or unknowingly)
pointed attention at is that this is country dependent.

> Now please stop saying I started a major problem. If I did, I hope this
> post was enough to stop it.

you didn't start one, you stated one, and there's nothing at all wrong with