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Re: openssl

I have no reason to sue Sun in the forseeable future, so having ECC in
OpenSSL/mod_ssl is welcome on my machines.

--- Theo de Raadt <deraadt_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org> wrote:
> some of you asked us what that ECC donation from Sun to OpenSSL
> means.
> so what does it mean?
> it means that OpenSSL is becoming a non-free software project,
> because
> the code from Sun contains licenses which invoke patent litigation;
> the licence on the new code basically builds a contract that says "if
> you use this code, you cannot sue Sun".
> In such a way, by means of the slippery slope, a free software
> project
> becomes not as free, and eventually, less and less free.
> Before anyone speaks up about and says "that restriction does not
> affect me".  It does indirectly affect you.  It means that some other
> vendor that uses this code, and subsequently ends up having a spat
> with Sun, ends up wasting money on legal efforts, and our entire
> society pays for that.  My take on it, is that this is the way the
> legal industry ensures itself future work.
> On the other hand, here in OpenBSD land we will continue to strive to
> make our software more and more free.  We've been squishing odd
> license terms which contain non-free restrictions throughout the
> source tree for about 2 years now.
> once again, i think it is time to fork OpenSSL.  It's obviously run
> by
> a bunch of people who don't think through the legal implications of
> their actions.  they should NOT have accepted that code without it
> being 100% free.
> This donation is not free code.  Shame on you Sun, and double shame
> on
> you OpenSSL.
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