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Re: snapshots

On Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 09:58:49PM -0400, Marcus Watts wrote:

> > OpenBSD >=3.1 needs at least 16  MB to install - you COULD run
> > with 8 MB, but not with GENERIC.
> Well, that  sucks.  I see  now it's  in the documentation,  so I
> guess this is a "feature".  I  knew there was a reason I dreaded
> upgrading this machine; I can tell I won't want to be doing many
> more upgrades  to this system...  (hm, so new machines  die, but
> old machines just fade away?)
> So, onwards to the "hack it up by hand" approach.

There's  a   couple  things   to  consider. First,  RAM   is  dirt
cheap. Assuming the computer will take it, the cost of more RAM is
much less than the worth of  your salary that you've already spent
on this computer.

It's no  trouble to find a  $50 computer that'll run  rings around
what you've got  now. Stick with an old version of  OpenBSD on the
old computer and put it in a protected place on your network doing
something simple, like print serving, and use the ``new'' computer
in its place.

If you really must run a  new version of OpenBSD on this computer,
you'll probably be best off physically moving the drive to another
computer and  install it  there. Before you  move the  drive back,
create your custom kernel with everything stripped out.

This should get you started:


Good luck,


Ben Goren

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