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Re: Anti virus

Perhaps not a commercial solution, but of interest is
and the literature says its supported by AMAVIS
(amavis is well supported but depends heavily on perl modules)
The site has some engines that are java to use the virus patterns.
VirusSignatures-latest.zip last modified July 1 2002 04:55:00
AM....  Unfortuantely the virus patterns are not updated rapidly,
it's volunteer and opensource but its growing in effort.  To use on
openbsd would probably require setting up ports for java support or
writing your own engines to use the signatures.

Also a thought, if using sendmail it would be great to implement a
antivirus solution using milter and use the openantivirus signatures and
for the solution to be compiled and not depend upon perl or java, and be
opensource, but hey if wishes were fishes...
So if someone wins the lottery or some large corporation has a grant
give some funding to www.openantivirus.org!  :)

my $0.02 worth