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OpenBSD PC and Windows 2K DNS


I am trying to install open bsd but I am running into a small problem.

My cable modem sends the internet connection to a linksys router and all of
my computers are connected to the router. Now I have to Pcs, one running
win2K Advanced Server and one running Win2K Pro, now I have athird one which
is a P100 and I am installing openBSD on it. The problem is that the during
the installation the setup for BSD asked me to point out the IP i wanted to
give to this computer, to specify the default gateway and to also specify
the DNS and I did the following:

IP address:
Default gateway:
DNS Server Primary: (My windows 2K Advaced Server machine)

Now the BSD computer fails what I try and connet to the FTP sites to dowload
the files it says something like:

"arp: ether address is multicast for IP address!"

so it fails there, so what I did was i escaped the installation and went
back to the shell and tried to ping the DNS server ( and it
gives me the same message, however I tried to ping the router and the
Windows 2K Professional machines and it wotks fine. I also tried going to
the DNS server ( and ping the BSD machine but I get no response.
However if I try to do it from the Windows 2K professional machine then I do
get a response. Now I know that the DNS server is ok becaseu I can ping back
and forth from the windows 2K pro machine and the DNS server. So does anyone
know what the problem might be? do i have to someway configure the Advaced
server box running the DNS to allow it to recieve requests from the BSD box?