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unifdef spews "????" output

I don't know what is going on here, but when I run the unifdef that came with
my OpenBSD (version: 3.0-stable on i386) on a simple input, the output is a short chunk of the input file followed by endless "?" characters.

As in:

unifdef -t -Uasdf argh

Where argh is: (indented for clarity)

	#ifdef asdf
	text that should be removed

Any thoughts?  I have tried running the unifdef that came with my other *nix box (a Mac OS X machine) and it properly functions just fine, producing as output:


I tried looking at the source to unifdef.c, and it is some extremely ugly code with an ifdef "FFSPECIAL" that is not described, so I am at a loss trying to debug it.

I am not interested in alternative utilities -- I'm just trying to get the makefile for the Judy library to work, and it does not yet have an autoconf script.

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