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XF4 installation from source


I may have written this email before, however my hotmail accounts gets so much spam, it thought my mailing list was junk mail so I had to set an exception. I just spent 20 minutes sorting my mailing list from spam.

I'm trying to install XF4:

I've done:
cd /usr && cvs -q get -rOPENBSD_3_1 -P XF4

I've read:
man release(8)
the XFree86.org instructions
the XFree86.org instructions on how to install on OpenBSD
and several others

All these documents give their own method of installing XF4, some of which are nonsensical.

In man release(8) for example, it mentions that I need to install /usr/ports/lang/tcl/8.3 and /usr/ports/x11/tk/8.3 before I can build X11. Tcl installed fine, but Tk depends on X11 being installed. A chicken and egg problem.

Then there's the problem of what is a DESTDIR and a RELEASEDIR. To me a DESTDIR is the destination to which X11 will be installed. After reading the /usr/XF4/Makefile it seems I should set this to / since in the code it says ${DESTDIR}/usr/X11R6, and I've always seen X11 in /usr/X11R6.

But what the hell is a RELEASEDIR?

The instructions for upgrading to -current (the Upgrade Mini-FAQ) I can follow, they are concise, accurate, and step by step. But not these.

Can anyone tell me how to just build a normal X11 installation from XF4?



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