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Re: wlan with pcmcia card isa adapter?

ok, thanks. i looked ist some other archives and i found the Swapbox
Classic X2 ISA to PCMCIA working in openbsd (for about 33 euros). and i
think i will get the netgear ma401 (for about 68 euros)to build up my
littel wlan.


> kl16.no-ip.com [mailto:webmaster_(_at_)_kl16_(_dot_)_no-ip_(_dot_)_com] writes:

>> ist there any chance to use a wifi pcmcia card with an isa
>> adapter card
>> in openbsd 3.0? or if this doesnt work, are there isa or pci (cheap)
>> wlancards witch working with openbsd 3.0?

> Try searching the archives at http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/. This
> subject
> was discussed as recently as yesterday. For i386 hardware
> compatibility list
> see http:/www.openbsd.org/i386.html.

> Don't get the Netgear MA401/301 combo as I just did - very problematic
> so
> far.

> --
> stephen