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Re: pf configuration

Fish in a barrel....

On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 12:38:29AM +1000, Darren Reed wrote:

> Tell me,  how is ssh from  box A to  box B, when both  boxes are
> connected  isolated  from any  other  systems,  via a  crossover
> cable, more secure than telnet ?
> Is it because all the RF from the wire is encrypted ?

Don't laugh--if  you're worried about  Van Eck attacks, this  is a
valid concern.

But your  crossover example  has as  much to  do with  security in
the  real world  as my  auntie  Bell's cabin  does. If all  you've
got  is two  isolated  computers,  you either  don't  give a  damn
about security  or those computers  are underneath a  mountain and
surrounded by Marines.

In the real  world, it's not necessary  to manufacture meaningless
and highly  restriced and  contrived examples  to (fail  to) prove
your point.

Please put down the crack pipe and step away slowly.


P.S. If  you  don't  belive  Nick's statement  that  ``Telnet  and
friends were not designed nor implemented with security in mind,''
read RFC137. If  you can  find anything  even remotely  related to
security in  that document...then there's something  stronger than
crack in your pipe. b&

Ben Goren

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