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Re: SMTP Relay

Kurt Seifried wrote:

Simple. My solution (in nearly exact circumstances) is to stick postfix on
the box, set it up as a smart relay for exchange and firewall all outgoing
to port 25 except from the postfix box (thus forcing all normal email
through the postfix box, this will help with viruses too). This way you can
use postfix's regex to scrub outgoing headers (such as X-Sender, and other
useful info, check my email headers and you'll notice some stuff is
missing), plus this allows you to remove the "received from" information
(again check my headers, this is sent from an internal workstation, not the
server itself).

Could someone point me how to scrub outgoing header with Sendmail mail-relay ? Particulary I do not want my internal adresses to be printed in message source ( Received from:).
And please, do not point me on Postfix :o]

Petr R.

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