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Re: SOLUTION--Re: need help with anon FTP access via a web browser

> Consider: a  child pornographer  discovers your open  server, puts
> his latest photo shoot  in a zip file on it,  and advertises it on
> USENET.  What are you going to tell the FBI when they question you
> about it? What are you going to tell your boss? The scenario works
> the  same  with pirated  software,  Al  Queda training  materials,
> whatever.

Which is why the STOP in configuring and anonymous FTP drop-box is
to make it write-able, but not read-able (which I believe the
correspondent had indicated he hae done), so that illegal materials
up-loaded can't be automatically down-loaded.  Anonymous FTP 
up-loads may expose you to the risk of posession of contraband,
but not necessarily the risk of distribution of such.

David S.