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Re: mail server

On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Nukermusic - pigpen wrote:

> I may be posting to the wrong list and if I am please scorn me and such.

Oooh, an invitation to scorn! Be careful what you ask for. 8)

> I am looking in to setting a mail server and I know there are quite a
> few options for the port you can use, I am curious, overall, which is
> the most secure above the rest.

By "port" above, I assume you mean ports(7) and not having an SMTP
daemon listening on port, say 2525. That being said...

Asking "Which MTA should I use?" is pretty much a religious question,
along with "emacs or vi?" or "What shell should I use?". Every side
has its proponents. Use whichever one you know best. Keep up with
the appropriate websites and mailing lists.

If you're not familiar with any, then it's time to do some research into
feature sets, configuration tools, and whatever else matters to _you_.
It doesn't matter how many people say "But $foo is so easy to set up!"
if the config file format makes _your_ eyes bleed.

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