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security testing tools ?


are there any tools for testing the security of an obsd box ??

I'm running 2 i386 boxes with obsd version 3.1, and I have updated ssh on them and enabled priv sep etc. etc., but I'm wondering what else I should be locking down and checking for ? I run fairly minimal services on these boxes, DNS, DHCP, Syslogd, Apache and mod_perl for the time being, but I'm hoping to use on as a vpn server for win2k/win-xp remote clients

is there a tool/tools that I can run against the outside of my boxes to show me any weaknesses I'm exhibiting ?

and also, I come from a Cisco based back ground, does anyone have any good link for obsd pf/ipf with a cisco comparison slant on it, to make the learning curve a little easier ? :o)



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