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I'm using OpenBSD 3.1 as a DSL-Router, and it works very well.
But sometimes, the connection dies. Since I call ppp with ddial, I 
thought, the connection would be rebuilt automtically, but it isn't.
The ppp seems to freeze, since it doesn't log anything after the 
connection is dropped.
Normally I get an entry every 5 secons in ppp.log, like this:
Aug 24 05:06:23 camelot ppp[14464]: tun0: LCP: deflink: 
RecvEchoRequest(0) state = Opened
Aug 24 05:06:23 camelot ppp[14464]: tun0: LCP: deflink: SendEchoReply(0) 
state = Opened

This is also the message I got just before the connection was 
closed/dropped/whatever, then there is no entry for a few hours, the 
first entry is from the new, manually established connection.

The only way to get the connection working again, is to kill both ppp- 
processes ("/usr/sbin/ppp -ddial pppoe" and "/usr/sbin/pppoe -i rl0") 
and to start them again by hand.
I thought, -ddial would do that for me.
Did I miss anything?

# cat /etc/ppp/ppp.conf
 set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command

 set device "!/usr/sbin/pppoe -i rl0"
 set mtu max 1444
 set mru max 1444
 set speed sync
 disable acfcomp protocomp
 deny acfcomp
 set authname "guesswhat"
 set authkey "wonttellyou"
 add default HISADDR

Fridtjof Busse
"C++: Hard to learn and built to stay that way." 

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