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Re: startx hard locks machine

On Sun, 18 Aug 2002, mlists wrote:

> I'm trying to install OpenBSD on a A7V333 board with AMD XP 1800+ and
> starting X hard-locks the machine every time. I've tried 3 different
> cards so far, all AGP: Matrox G200, Riva TNT2 and Geforce 2 GTS.

How did you configure (or attempt to configure) X Windows? Give us
your XF86Config. Also, you might try something like:
`startx > $HOME/xlog 2>&1` # bourne shell syntax
`startx >& $HOME/xlog`     # csh syntax

If it's a configuration error that somehow causes a hang, rather than
an abort, there should be a relevant error in that.

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