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Re: bogus host name option 15

  On Aug 16 at 09:08, Matt Van Mater spoke:

> When trying to use dhcp to grap an IP address for a box i'm setting up, it 
> fails and gives me a "bogus host name error" and ignores any responses from 
> the dhcp server.  It mentions something about option 15, but I can't find 
> any reference on teh mailing lists as to what option 15 actually is.  I've 

Could it be this has something to do with the domainname?
Does the dhcp server send a search list of domainnames?
This is an extension that is not work with all implementations of
Try one of:

default domain-name "yourdomain";
prepend domain-name "yourdomain ";
supersede domain-name "yourdomain";