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Re: POP servers

On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 10:35:34AM -0400, Bo Byrd wrote:
> I have been using qmail, but I am considering moving to something else
> as I'm uncomfortable in the fact that just to operate it requires 15
> simultaneous processes.
> For POP3 I use qpopper. (from eudora)  It's a piece of cake to config
> and compile.  It runs in a single process, even supports SSL/TLS and
> APOP.  Does anyone know of another decent MTA besides sendmail and
> qmail?
Are you looking for a POP server or a MTA? Another one that I would 
highly recommend that does priv separation by design etc is Wietse
'Postfix'. It is very_very_good. if you need help the postfix list as
well is extremely MTA admin friendly. For example 2 changes gets you
going and the documentation is exceptional. 
SD's popa3d is 3.1 base if that is the question.  

Best Regards,

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