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Re: POP servers

People, please don't top-post. I'd  re-arrange this mess propperly
except I don't have the patience right now.


Steve  Lustbader asked  for  a recommendation  for  a POP  server.
popa3d  (8)  is  in  the  base  install. It's  what  Theo  et  al.
recommend. If, for some reason, it isn't good enough for somebody,
that  somebody  should  research   the  alternatives  and  explain
popa3d's defficiencies before posting.



On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 10:35:34AM -0400, Bo Byrd wrote:

> I have been using qmail, but I am considering moving to something else
> as I'm uncomfortable in the fact that just to operate it requires 15
> simultaneous processes.
> For POP3 I use qpopper. (from eudora)  It's a piece of cake to config
> and compile.  It runs in a single process, even supports SSL/TLS and
> APOP.  Does anyone know of another decent MTA besides sendmail and
> qmail?
> -Bo
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> I use qmail for my MTA and it comes with a good pop daemon.
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> Subject: POP servers
> Anyone have any recommendations for a POP server to run?
> -Steve
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Ben Goren

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