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Fax Server Solution for OBSD 3.1 i386


we are testing OpenBSD, in order to see, if it fits our needs. So, the problem is, that we need a fax server solution. I tried to install HylaFax from the ports-tree, but it is marked as broken. So I tried the the package I found at http://www.infomatrix.ca/obsdports.html. I was able to compile and install hylafax from this source, but when I start the faxsetup, I got a lot of hints, that there are a lot of needed tools are not installed on my system, for example mgetty+sendfax. I tried to install it from the ports-tree, but it is marked as broken, too.

Does anybody knows a solution, how to get Hylafax working, or is there another fax server for OBSD avaible.

Please help.


Alexander Küken