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bogus host name option 15

When trying to use dhcp to grap an IP address for a box i'm setting up, it fails and gives me a "bogus host name error" and ignores any responses from the dhcp server. It mentions something about option 15, but I can't find any reference on teh mailing lists as to what option 15 actually is. I've only found one instance of this problem on google and as far as i can tell, that guy never found a solution either.

I think the main question I have is what are some reasons that a dhcp request would fail or be ignored? I saw something implying that my dhcp server required a pre-defined and acceptable host name, but the admin of the dhcp server has no clue what i'm talking about. I'm pretty sure the dhcp server is NT 4.0 (but possibly win2k) if that makes any difference.

When I tried installing mandrake on the same box just as a test, the dhcp query works fine and i get an IP address without any hesitation. I've installed obsd on other networks using dhcp without any problems before, so I'm pretty sure its not something i'm doing wrong. I could be mistaken however :)

Any help or insight would be appreciated

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