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Re: Patches Vagueness

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002 karl_(_at_)_sfdata_(_dot_)_net wrote:

> Which FAQ applies to this (downloaded src) method?  (Where does one unzip
> src.tar.gz & srcsys.tar.gz to, that sort of thing.)

>From http://www.openbsd.org/ftp.html:
   Userland sources, which you would place in /usr/src. (This does not
   include kernel sources)
   The Kernel sources, which you would place in /usr/src/sys.

When I grab a tarball, I generally do `tar tzvf tarball.tar.gz | head`
so I can see what the top-level directory is. A lot of projects out there
will put everything into $projectname, or maybe $projectname-version,
but some just dump everything into the current directory. Offhand, I
don't remember the 3.1 tarballs do (and so, whether you'd extract into
/usr or /usr/src), so use the t flag as above.


> I'd use anoncvs, but i'm behind a firewall, etc...  Thanks for the info
> last night, that helped alot, when I was in my datacenter...

If your firewall allows ssh out, you should be able to use anoncvs.
If not, well, talk to your networking group. If there's a policy against
it (and there are valid reasons for such a policy), you're out of luck.
But they may just not have had it brought up.

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