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Re: Watchdog is killing me... no network on install reboot

Harry Putnam <reader_(_at_)_newsguy_(_dot_)_com> writes:

> Bad things happen to my network after a fresh 3.1 install is done and
> a reboot occurs.  The network data looks good to me but I'm not sure
> what to look for.  It appears I have a configured ethernet devcie
> (xl0) a gateway and a correct /etc/resolv.conf. (Diagnostic ouput
> included below)
> This has happened on installs of both 3.0 and 3.1.  And while booting
> off 3.1 bsd.rd.

Glad to report... all better in snapshots.  the floopy images boot
and have no problems with network.  Ditto snapshots bsd.rd.

No need to disable pcibios either.  Something got fixed... nice.
Thank you developers!