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Re: Sendmail failes without daemon running

* Scott Wells <scott_(_at_)_shadowsystems_(_dot_)_tzo_(_dot_)_com> [2002-07-31T18:41-0700]:
> I'm running 3.1 with all patches applied.  Here's a the maillog entries 
> for the above mentioned attempt to mail.  I think what I need to to is 
> figure out how to make it use another system as an MTA, but not sure 
> how.  I'm running the exact same configuration on 2.9, and it's working 
> normally.

Under sendmail 8.12, the message submission program attempts to
deliver mail to the MTA running on localhost by default; for more
information on this switch, see:


To fix, hack up the /usr/share/sendmail/cf/submit.mc file and change
the msp FEATURE to be something like:

FEATURE(`msp', `mail.example.org', `MSA')

And then rebuild the submit.cf.  More details in the
/usr/share/sendmail/README file.

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