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Call for sparc framebuffer donations

Hello folks,

  I have been working on moving the sparc console subsystem from rcons
and SunOS-like /dev/fb emulation to rasops and wscons recently, and
tests show it's much faster, and basically no comparison is possible
between the existing console code and the new code respective
performance on bwtwo and cgsix framebuffers (it's still «much faster» on
other framebuffers). A few of us have been running this code recently,
and the simplest thing I can tell is that, it rocks. Really.

  Among the benefits are: full keyboard support in console (includes
cursor keys), faster X server, and support for 24-bit tcx (S24) and
cgtwelve (GS) framebuffers. This code will hit a cvs mirror near you

  However, in order to perfect this work, I would like to be able to
test or work on more framebuffers than I currently have access to.

More precisely, I would like to get:
- cgfour P4 framebuffer for sun 4/3x0
- cgsix P4 framebuffer for sun 4/3x0
- cgeight VME framebuffer
- SPARCstation 20 vsimm (for cgfourteen tests)

I am also willing to work on unsupported framebuffers, such as, in order
of preference:
- ZX (``Leo'') or Turbo ZX SBUS framebuffer
- cgeight SBUS framebuffer
- GT framebuffer (with the complete tower and cables)
- any other unsupported framebuffer you might find

would be welcomed as well, but this is not as urgent as the others are.
Basically, if you are running OpenBSD on one of the above-listed
supported framebuffers, and want to have decent wscons support in 3.2
(and before 3.2 even!), please be ready to test -current snapshots, or
to lend/donate me a framebuffer for some weeks.

Please answer by private mail if you're considering a donation or a

Thanks in advance.