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Re: the STFA guy (Was Re: findable, supported pcmcia ethernet?)

On Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 09:27:45AM -0400, Brian Szymanski wrote:

> > So,  yes, STFA. In  addition to  whatever suggestions  you get
> > with this  iteration of the  question, you'll get a  number of
> > other  suggestions  from people  who  aren't  going to  bother
> > re-typing their original suggestions.
> June  01 is  not today. Perhaps  you  didn't hear  me the  first
> time. My question  is time-sensitive,  there was nothing  in the
> archives in the past 9  months, and hardware support changes, as
> does card availability. I wanted to  know what cards people were
> having  luck with  *right now*,  not what  was supported  a year
> ago. I apologize - I didn't  make myself clear, I did appreciate
> the second half  of your email, and  I thank you for  that - but
> that's not  what I  was talking about.   No shit,  people aren't
> going to  bother retyping  their original suggestions,  you're a
> genius! This "iteration of  the question" was not  a question at
> all, it was a statement, about your posts to the list.

Ah, I  know this tune! ``Poor  me, I was  lazy and didn't  ask the
question I  meant to ask. You  answered the question I  asked, but
you  didn't read  my  mind and  you didn't  write  a screenful  of
flowery phrases so you're a meanie!''

You're not going to like the rest  of this post, but you owe it to
yourself to read it.

For reference, here's your original note:


It says nothing about being time-sensitive. Not one word.

You'll note that my reply:


gives you  a direct answer to  the question you stated  and points
you in the direction of  more information. The problem, though, is
that  the question  you asked  wasn't at  all what  you wanted  to
know. Here's the question you *should* have asked:

    I'm in  need of a  PCMCIA ethernet adapter  [that supports
    100 Mbit  full duplex, etc.]  for my HAL  9000 CognateLoft
    and I  would like  some recommendations.   I've researched
    all the  cards listed  on openbsd.org/i386.html  and found
    the following information:

        4Moc 4M920, 4M921      10 Mbit only
        4Moc 4M930, 4M931      works great but no longer in

	[. . .]

	* Mocrix Debit         no information found

    Can  anybody help  me fill  in the  gaps, especially  with
    cards I've marked with an asterisk?

Had you  done so, it would  have been clear just  exactly what you
wanted to  know and what  research you had  already done. Further,
you would have  created something useful and given it  back to the
community. You would have sparked  an interesting discussion, full
of people saying, ``Yeah, I had  a Webequip Nowhere once, and what
a piece of crap it was!''

Instead, you screwed  up and lost your temper  when somebody tried
to help you. Now, you should understand why I wrote the following:








Each one of those bears directly on this discussion.

Now that  I've told  you exactly  how to  get the  information you
want--or, at least, the information that you've most recently said
you want--I intend to follow the advice here:


If you  intend to  continue this thread,  kindly start  by posting
something along the lines of the sample note above.



Ben Goren

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