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NIC not sensing connection to Win2000 laptop


I have an OBSD box used as a DSL gateway, and a Dell
Latitude laptop running Win2000.  When I try to
connect them, they are not sensing each other.  I know
1) laptop's built-in ethernet adapter is good, I can
connect directly to DSL modem.
2) network card in OBSD box is good, for the same
3) cable is good, i can use it for successful

The network card in OBSD is Netgear FA311/312 (if
necessary, i can find out exactly which one by taking
it out; supposedly, the difference is that 312 has
wake-on-lan, but it only works with MS products)

ifconfig and dmesg outputs follow.  I actually have
two identical NICs.  sis1 is the external interface,
and works fine.  sis0 cannot sense the laptop.

	media: Ethernet autoselect (none)
	status: no carrier
	inet6 fe80::2a0:ccff:fe7c:1a03%sis0 prefixlen 64
scopeid 0x1

OpenBSD 3.1 (GENERIC) #59: Sat Apr 13 15:28:52 MDT
cpu0: F00F bug workaround installed
cpu0: Intel Pentium (P54C) ("GenuineIntel" 586-class)
100 MHz
real mem  = 24752128 (24172K)
avail mem = 17416192 (17008K)
using 327 buffers containing 1339392 bytes (1308K) of
mainbus0 (root)
bios0 at mainbus0: AT/286+(00) BIOS, date 12/15/95,
BIOS32 rev. 0 @ 
apm0 at bios0: Power Management spec V1.1
apm0: AC on, battery charge unknown
pcibios0 at bios0: rev. 2.1 @ 0xf0000/0x10000
pcibios0: PCI BIOS has 5 Interrupt Routing table
pcibios0: PCI Interrupt Router at 000:07:0 ("Intel
82371FB PCI-ISA" rev 
pcibios0: PCI bus #0 is the last bus
bios0: ROM list: 0xc0000/0x8000 0xed000/0x1000
pci0 at mainbus0 bus 0: configuration mode 1 (bios)
pchb0 at pci0 dev 0 function 0 "Intel 82437FX" rev
pcib0 at pci0 dev 7 function 0 "Intel 82371FB PCI-ISA"
rev 0x02
vga1 at pci0 dev 8 function 0 "S3 Trio32/64" rev 0x43
wsdisplay0 at vga1: console (80x25, vt100 emulation)
wsdisplay0: screen 1-5 added (80x25, vt100 emulation)
sis0 at pci0 dev 13 function 0 "National Semiconductor
DP83815 10/100" 
rev 0x00: irq 9 address 00:a0:cc:7c:1a:03
nsphyter0 at sis0 phy 0: DP83815 10/100 integrated,
rev. 1
sis1 at pci0 dev 14 function 0 "National Semiconductor
DP83815 10/100" 
rev 0x00: irq 10 address 00:a0:cc:7b:f3:8b
nsphyter1 at sis1 phy 0: DP83815 10/100 integrated,
rev. 1
isa0 at pcib0
isadma0 at isa0
pckbc0 at isa0 port 0x60/5
pckbd0 at pckbc0 (kbd slot)
pckbc0: using irq 1 for kbd slot
wskbd0 at pckbd0: console keyboard, using wsdisplay0
wdc0 at isa0 port 0x1f0/8 irq 14
wd0 at wdc0 channel 0 drive 0: <QUANTUM FIREBALL1080A>
wd0: 8-sector PIO, LBA, 1039MB, 2112 cyl, 16 head, 63
sec, 2128896 
wd0(wdc0:0:0): using BIOS timings
pcppi0 at isa0 port 0x61
midi0 at pcppi0: <PC speaker>
sysbeep0 at pcppi0
lpt0 at isa0 port 0x378/4 irq 7
npx0 at isa0 port 0xf0/16: using exception 16
pccom0 at isa0 port 0x3f8/8 irq 4: ns16550a, 16 byte
pccom1 at isa0 port 0x2f8/8 irq 3: ns16550a, 16 byte
fdc0 at isa0 port 0x3f0/6 irq 6 drq 2
fd0 at fdc0 drive 0: 1.44MB 80 cyl, 2 head, 18 sec
isapnp0 at isa0 port 0x279: read port 0x203
"Avance Sound Chip, @@@0001, , " at isapnp0 port
0x220/16 irq 5 drq 1 
not configured
"Avance Sound Chip, @H_(_at_)_0001, , " at isapnp0 port
0x388/8 not configured
joy0 at isapnp0 "Avance Sound Chip, @P_(_at_)_0001, , " port
"Avance Sound Chip, @X_(_at_)_0001, , " at isapnp0 port
0x300/2 irq 5 not 
biomask 4040 netmask 4640 ttymask 46c2
pctr: 586-class performance counters and user-level
cycle counter 
dkcsum: wd0 matched BIOS disk 80
root on wd0a
rootdev=0x0 rrootdev=0x300 rawdev=0x302
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